know the way to success in writing an academic essay

Understanding Essay Structure

Successful academic essay writing is all about organizing ideas into a cohesive argument. No matter what your essay topic is, it should follow a consistent essay structure- delivering ideas and evidence in a specific order so that the reader can understand and comprehend them. When structured correctly, an essay should appeal to the reader’s sense of narrative.

Essentially your essay topic should determine it’s inevitable structure. Depending on what you are writing about the order that your ideas are delivered should be logical. Most of the time evidence and arguments are delivered weakest to strongest, with your main points all-reflecting back to the original thesis statement.

The essay structure is also partially determined by the “type” of essay that you are writing. Persuasive, argumentative and explanatory essays are all delivered slightly differently. However, in most cases a standard structure is followed.

Basic Essay Structure

Normally an essay will contain various types of information, where that information is located within different sections of the essay’s structure. Even short-form essay writing will include the same basic components. The essay should begin by introducing an argument, and then introduce some supporting examples. Finally, the essay will wrap up any loose ends within its concluding remarks, as well as restate the original thesis. This is how a very basic five-paragraph essay is composed.

Longer essays also tend to follow this model. However, instead of having a single supporting paragraph for each idea that is presented the essay may be broken up into different chapters or sections. In this case, each new section would be a supporting idea with three or more elaborate examples used to back it up.

The introduction and conclusion in a long-form essay are also extended. Instead of being a single paragraph they may also be several paragraphs. With the introduction enlarged to include any background information or a description of the material being analyzed.

Outlining Your Essay

It is important to follow a paragraph structure that is logical and makes sense to the reader. This is because when someone is reading your essay you do not want him or her to be put off by the way that it has been structured. Instead, attempt to appeal to your audience by making your straight forward and easy to understand. Since many people already understand the standard format of an essay, following a consistent structure will also help them follow along and learn from your composition.

When you write your essay work from an outline so that you know where to place different ideas within the paper. Your introduction should present your opening remarks and thesis as well as introduce your supporting ideas. Each, supporting paragraph should include researched facts and examples that support the original thesis remarks. Finally, your conclusion should re-visit the thesis and wrap up your supporting evidence points, and present any concluding thoughts. Your outline should be split into these 5 parts. As you work you can sort your research and sentences into the appropriate sections. By doing this you guarantee that your essay will make sense and be well focused.

This will also help the flow of your writing. If you ever find yourself uncertain of where to place an idea within your essay consider what the next important point that needs to be explained is.


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