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Writing A 5-Paragraph Cause And Effect Essay About The Hurricane Katrina

What exactly is a cause and effect essay? What exactly is a 5-paragraph essay? If you are unsure as to the answers to one or both of those questions, let alone know how to write about hurricane Katrina, then you have come to the right place!

So what’s it all about then?

Simply put: causes are why things happen and effects are the results of that cause, so in this instance you’ll need to explore why it occurred and the aftermath it left from various avenues of thought.

Remember, you will need to do a lot of research before you can begin writing!

You might be thinking that a 5-paragraph assignment is child’s play compared to others, but you might be in for a shock at just how difficult composing this type of paper is. You need to fit in a lot of information in a short space, so you must ascertain that you’re highlighting the most important points and making the whole thing clear and concise.

Here’s what should be included in each paragraph:

  1. First is the introduction. This should contain a mini thesis outlining the essay. The last sentence of the introduction should hook the reader and create a seamless flow to the next.
  2. Next is the first of three mini chapters that constitute the body of your paper. This first one of the text body should present an overview of the causes.
  3. This one should present what happened as a result
  4. This one should tie up the above two.
  5. Finally comes your conclusion. Here, you should restate your thesis statement, summarize the main points you have presented in the above three sections and end on a final, attention grabbing point.

What else should I know?

This kind of paper is all about how you handle condensing material. You need to engage your reader with simplicity and succinctness.

Looking at other examples is a great idea.

It will certainly abet you to look for other examples of these types of papers. You’ll be able to locate student papers in your campus library and you can find plenty of examples on the internet. Be sure to peruse them carefully to see how they’ve been tackled and make notes as you go. The more time you spend studying samples, the better prepared you will be for when it comes to constructing your own.


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