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Where to Search for Free Essay Writing Help

Writing essays no longer has to be an disappointing challenge. Students who do not consider themselves to be good essay writers can turn to the wide variety of free essay writing help that exists all over the Internet. No matter what academic level you are in and essay you need to write, there are websites available with the free help you need. You just need to know where to look.

Online Academic Writing Labs

One of the best places to find essay writing help for free is through academic online writing labs. These labs are not manned by live help, but they have tutorials, lessons, and samples that are designed to help all students successfully complete different types of essays. These sites are usually sponsored by colleges and universities, so they are safe to use and they provide accurate information, too. The labs tend to be well-organized and full of helpful links, too.

Professional Writing Websites

If you are in need of live help, you can usually find it at a writing website. While these websites are usually designed as a for-profit business, they often provide some free resources to get students hooked. You might be able to talk to someone for a short amount of time so you can get basic help on a small part of your essay. Writing websites usually have blogs that provide tips for students, too. Before you ask for advice from a writing website, give the site a thorough inspection to be sure that it is a legitimate site and will actually give you good advice.

Writing Blogs

Writing blogs are other good sources of free information. One of the best reasons to use a writing blog for help is that you can email the owner of the blog and ask for advice. Because bloggers are working hard to get the word out about their sites, they are willing to help people in exchange for sharing links. If you do ask for assistance from a blogger, be prepared to share their blog with your social media connection. Since bloggers write for a living, they tend to be good sources of assistance for any writing project.

Teachers and Tutors

If you prefer to sit down and work with a tutor, your school is the best place to go. Many schools have brick-and-mortar writing labs where students can congregate to work on writing projects. You should also be able to talk to your instructors and ask for help on writing assignments, too.


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