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A Manual For Choosing Outstanding Solution Essay Topics

Give a detailed description of a problem

When it comes to writing a solution essay you want to begin by giving a thorough outline of a problem. The essay title may not make it 100% obvious what the problem is necessarily; therefore, by detailing precisely what it is you wish to solve, the reader will have a better understanding about the rest of the paper. Furthermore, it sets you up nicely for the subsequent sections of the paper.

Outline a suggestion or suggestions that could solve or improve the problem

Having given the reader details about a certain problem, the next part is to make suggestions as to how you could solve the issue. It may be that you have one particular idea, or you may have several solutions. If you do have more than one solution, then it is important that they are combined or related in some way; for example, it could be that the solutions need to be carried out in a logical order. Essentially, the solutions are the steps that are taken to solve a problem.

Examples of solution essays topics

  • What can be done to improve problems relating to illegal immigration?
  • How can drink-driving be combatted?
  • What can be done to promote marriage and family life?
  • How can the war against drugs be improved?
  • What ways are there to reduce teen pregnancy rates?
  • What can be done to reduce inequality in society?
  • How can we reduce the problem of homelessness?
  • How can young people be encouraged to continue with higher education?
  • What is the best way to deal with the obesity epidemic?
  • How can young people be encouraged to take up sports?

Provide arguments as to why the solutions could work

Having outlined the problem and the solutions, you now need to back up your opinion. In this section you need to use logical reasoning to demonstrate as to why your solutions will be able to solve any problem that you outlined at the start of the essay.

Demonstrate why the solution would be more effective than other solutions

Not only do you need to provide evidence or reasoning as to why your solution will work, but it is also best to provide arguments as to why it is the best solutions. It is possible that there may be alternative solutions that you could also have considered, so it is in this section that you refer to these and why they are not as appropriate as the suggestions and solutions that you have come up with earlier in the essay.


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