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Top 20 Argumentative Essay Topics to Write About

An argumentative essay is one of the most important types of academic writing because it teaches something that is needed in every type of text – an argumentation. Basically, everything people write pursues this aim. A valentine postcard is written to persuade someone that somebody loves him or her, a Facebook status stating that someone had the time of his or her life visiting certain music event pursues the goal to prove that this event was worth watching, and an irritating pop-up advert aims to persuade everyone to buy a certain product. It is obvious that the ability to reason and persuade should be practiced on a regular basis.

When students get the task to write an argumentative essay on the topic they choose, they should be careful to select a debatable issue because this type of essay presupposes a well-reasoned argument to support the writer’s opinion. To make sure the topic is debatable, the writer should ask him- or herself if it can be argued by other people, whether it is possible to answer it with a yes or no, and if the arguments on it can be based on grounded facts.

Here is the list of 20 topics that meet these requirements:

  1. Should women let men pay for them in restaurants?
  2. Should Photoshopping be prohibited for fashion magazines?
  3. Should men visit beauty salons?
  4. Should powerful countries interfere in home policies of other states?
  5. Is Wikipedia a trustworthy source of reference information?
  6. Should music and movie stars participate in election campaigns of politicians?
  7. Can TV and Internet substitute newspapers efficiently?
  8. Should underage girls be allowed to keep zero-carb diets?
  9. Should rap songs that glorify violence and criminal lifestyles be censored?
  10. Is housework done by stay-at-home wives harder than the work their husbands do in the office?
  11. Should teachers be allowed to post photos in revealing attire online?
  12. Should college classes start earlier than 9:00 a.m.?
  13. Are online museums better than traditional museums?
  14. Are female nurses more professional than male nurses?
  15. Should men be allowed to take paternity leaves and substitute their wives at home?
  16. Is texting while driving dangerous to other drivers?
  17. Can extreme sports such as bungee jumping be used to treat depression?
  18. Is a blind date a good chance for a romantic relationship?
  19. Will Google glasses prevent people from efficient communication?
  20. Can searching students’ lockers for prohibited substances stop drug distribution at schools?

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