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Argumentative Essay Topics to Use when Writing a Paper

Argumentative essay topics are literally all around you. There are issues people constantly argue about. Some have valid arguments that can be explored further. Others seem as if people are wasting their time even though they have a side they want to defend. Choosing a good topic will make the writing process easier. This is due to the idea of selecting an argument you can defend confidently while presenting both sides of the matter equally. The following ideas can help you create your own topic for your next argumentative essay.

  1. Religion and God. How do we know God exists? Why has religion been a sensitive topic to talk about? What religion should be phased out or practiced more often?
  2. Acts of Violence. Why do people commit horrifying criminal acts against each other? Can we ever put an end to violence? Men commit more acts of violence than women: is this true?
  3. Ebola and quarantines. Is enough being done to prevent the illness from spreading? Should people not be allowed to fly on airplane if they were in contact with someone diagnosed?
  4. Anger and frustration. There is no healthy way to deal with anger. Is it true frustration can be a good thing? When is it ever a good time to be angry? What are common reasons why a person gets angry?
  5. Entertainment (television, movies and music). Many forms of entertainment are not appropriate for anyone to listen or watch. Are people paying too much money to go to the movies? Why does a flat screen television cost so much?
  6. Relationships. What are must have elements of a healthy relationship? (This can be any type of relationship such as a mother/daughter, father/son, marriage or career related).
  7. Crime and punishment. What crime actually has a good punishment that goes with it? Should teens be punished as an adult when they commit adult-like crimes? Should parents be punished if their child does not go to school?
  8. Education. Why does it cost so much to go to college? Should college be free? What does it mean to be educated?
  9. Terrorism. How many terror groups exist? How do these groups pay for actions they carry out? Why do people decide they want to become a terrorist?
  10. Animals. Have improvements been made to animal rights?

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