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Argumentative essay writing on Education: current topics to discuss

Education as a field has produced some of the most thought provoking and immediately applicable examples of research that the world has ever seen. This list covers some of the topics that can be covered argumentatively based on current events:

Pollution and Autism: Have toxins been influencing the incidence of some learning difficulties?

This essay can look into the positive relationship between those two factors and whether or not it hints at a cause.

Hypnopedia: Will sleep learning one day replace traditional school systems?

The concept of sleep learning though debunked has been returning in modern research. This essay can look into the applicability of it if it ever becomes practical.

Have Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) changed the likely future of Education?

This topic is fairly self explanatory.

Can educational institutes ever fully combat the crowd-sourcing of assignments?

With the access to the internet so widespread, students worldwide can easily pay to have the homework completed by others. This paper can explore if adequate measures exist to prevent this.

Is college still a valid use of resources?

This essay is straightforward.

Have school administrators adequately dealt with the problem of bullying on school compounds?

This essay is self explanatory.

Are home schooled students at a disadvantage in relation to their traditionally shooled peers when it comes to Socialization?

This essay can explore how the lack of traditional schooling can make a student unfamiliar with rules of social interaction.

Does un-schooling adequately impart academic knowledge and life skills to children?

The un-schooling system is gaining popularity and this essay can look into how useful an unstructured system is in imparting a structured curriculum.

Does the school system require Travel as a teaching tool?

This topic explains itself.

Has the school system in its current form led to a decrease in creativity and individuality?

This essay can look into the many ways that schools stamp out individuality and mock behaviors that do not conform to the norms of the establishment.

Is the frequency of school shootings in American high schools an indicator of a connection between violence and learning?

This essay can look for the connections between recent school shootings to see how violence has been integrated into the very fabric of the school system.

All of these essays have the potential to be converted into persuasive topics depending on the interests of the writer as well. Writing them in both styles can provide extra practice.


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