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How To Choose A Proper Format For A Cause And Effect Essay: Professional Advice

In a cause and effect essay you should write about some process or event and describe the consequences it might lead to. There are different formats for writing this type of an academic paper. However, for your cause and effect paper to have a good structure, it’s better to choose a five paragraph format. If you don’t know what this format looks like, you should read the explanation given in this article.

  1. Write the introduction.
  2. In the beginning of your paper, you should attract readers’ attention to your work. Start with a good hook that might take the form of a question or quote. Describe the background of your topic, so that all your readers can have a basic understanding of it. Write your thesis statement in the end of the introduction to indicate the purpose of your essay.

  3. Describe the cause.
  4. In the first part of the body of your paper you should give your readers enough information, so that they can understand the present situation. You should also describe the situation in such a way that you could easily transition to discussing the effects. For example, if you want to prove that the lack of privacy will lead to a lack of individual freedom, then, in describing technologies that limit our privacy, you should pay attention to technologies that limit a person’s freedom of actions.

  5. Describe the effect.
  6. In this part of your essay you should show to your readers how the cause leads to the effect. For example, we believe that privacy allows a person not to be observed by others. If a person’s privacy is limited by surveillance, this person cannot be free from the observation. If individuals know that they’re being watched, they change their behavior. This means they don’t act freely any more.

  7. Explain the relations between the cause and the effect.
  8. Here you should describe the consequences of the effect in a short-term or long-term perspective. You should also propose some ways to deal with these consequences or even prevent them from happening. Write your recommendations on how people should act in the situation or what can be done at the institutional level.

  9. Write the conclusion.
  10. In the last part of your essay, you should summarize the points given in the previous paragraphs. Restate your thesis statement and indicate the significance of your work. Describe how your analysis might change the understanding of the issue. Propose directions for the further research of this topic.


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