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A List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics For College

An argumentative essay is an essay that takes a stand on a certain topic. Controversial topics are great for this type of essay because they usually have a lot of information that both supports and refutes the topic. Since there are so many controversial issues that are used so frequently, you may want to choose one that is a little more unique.

  1. Sexual reassignment surgery: There are many individuals who believe that sexual reassignment surgery should not be allowed. They believe that an individual who is born one gender should stay that gender. Others believe that it should be a personal choice. Some individuals believe that they should have been a member of the opposite sex and they want to have a surgery to reassign their gender.
  2. War on Drugs: This topic will go above and beyond the popular argumentative essay over whether or not marijuana should be legalized. The topic on the war on drugs is one that can be used to discuss ways of controlling drug use. Another angle to take is to discuss the amount of money that has been spent on the war on drugs. You can also write about the influx of money into the economy if marijuana was legalized.
  3. Tiger wine: Tigers are being raised so that their bones can be harnessed to make a special wine that uses their bones. The issue is whether or not it is ethical to kill the tigers to make the wine. Others argue that it is okay because they raise them for this purpose and that it doesn’t hurt their endangered status. Others believe that by killing an endangered animal whether it is because they were raised for this purpose is inhumane.
  4. Restaurants Weight Limit: There are some states where obese individuals can be turned away at restaurants. They claim it’s to help stop obesity. Should this be allowed? Are they really doing it to protect the patron or do they just not want the obese individual in their restaurant? Should individual who are overweight be turned away and not served?
  5. Reliance on Technology: There are so many things that can be done with technology these days. Is this making people lazy? Technology is designed to help individuals get things done but is it really causing more problems than it is helping solve?

Chances are that you won’t have anyone in your class writing about the same topic if you choose one of these unique topics.


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