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23 Interesting High School Essay Topics On Business Management

Business management is an important topic of study as this skill is required in just about every business model conceivable. It is no surprise that most schools have management classes with twice as many students as most of the other subjects.

When choosing a topic for an essay, one must be careful to select one with interesting points to write upon, as well as one that has the ability to inspire interest in your readers. The following is a list of 23 interesting high school essay topics for your consideration:

  1. China seems to be taking over the world in terms of production efficiency. What effect will this have on world economics on the long term?
  2. What are the benefits of having a websites to small businesses?
  3. Should managers involved in the gun sale industry be concerned about possible upcoming reforms to gun control laws?
  4. Should businesses attempt to create viral videos to promote their businesses?
  5. How much importance should managers place on expanding their company to the global market?
  6. Should businesses extend significant portions of their spending toward environmental aids?
  7. How prepared are graduates for the job when you first hire them?
  8. Should more companies consider outsourcing as a a means of saving cash or will this eventually ruin the economy they depend on for their cash flow?
  9. Does a recession present any business opportunities for the most crafty of business men?
  10. Should business managers aspire to be innovators like Steve Jobs?
  11. Outsourcing is cheaper but does it also decline the quality of services received?
  12. How does the growth of the global market affect the job opportunities available to minimally qualified managers?
  13. What is Africa’s effect on the global market ?
  14. Should large corporations place more focus on alleviating poverty in undeveloped countries to increase their business prospects?
  15. What are the downsides to having employees that regularly work over time as a result of excessive work responsibilities?
  16. How are women affected by changes in the business world?
  17. Can the strategies devised by high level managers always be considered ethical?
  18. What are the obstacles facing managers in third world countries as a result of excessive government corruption?
  19. How do managers cope with their employees expectations of promotions?
  20. How do managers stay motivated in dead end jobs?
  21. What are the key factors involved in running your own small business?
  22. What does it take for a small business to go global?
  23. Are private hospitals profitable?

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