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25 Good Persuasive Essay Topics For 6th Grade Students

6th grade students should be given easy persuasive essay topics to write content. At the 6th grade, junior students are comfortable to deal with easy topics which are based on facts and good points. They can’t be expected to prepare solid research papers analyzing any issue perfectly. However, they enjoy when they have some good topics to participate in the argument brilliantly. Selected 25 argumentative topics to write essays for 6th grade students must be shortlisted perfectly.

These 25 persuasive essay topics for 6th graders entice inexperienced rookies to showcase proficiency in writing the informative content. Current topics lure junior 6th graders. For instance, cig smoking is injurious to health. Students at 6thgrade watch their seniors to smoke cigarettes. They are obstructed by seniors to smoke. Teachers advise them not to fag cigs. So, they are able to write persuasive content on cigarette smoking and its negative impact. In this way, they can argue about the effect of net surfing, online game playing, and movie watching and doing online chatting. Well, their innocent mind is boxed up with images and fictitious elements. They have to be enticed to go through many sample blogs, write-ups and persuasive content covering different topics.

List of 25 Good Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Graders

  • Is Cigarette Smoking Good to Health?
  • Your Views on Movie Watching
  • Is Net Surfing Permissible to 6th Graders?
  • Is e-learning Supported by Parents?
  • Should Education Be Free to Students?
  • Is Online Video Game Permissible?
  • Do Students Do Net Surfing in Schools?
  • Greenhouse Effect on Environment
  • Failure is the Pillar of Success
  • Health Taxes Must Be Imposed on Smokers
  • Prices of Cigs Should be Increased for Healthcare
  • Should Children Be Prevented from Watching Gory Movies?
  • Should Junior Students Be Obstructed to Do Chatting Online?
  • Students Need More Freedom to Do Online Navigation
  • Is Euthanasia Legally Approved?
  • The Usage of Cell Phones in Schools
  • Drug Abuse
  • Women Emancipation
  • Gay Right
  • Death Penalty
  • Hot Video Streaming Online- Is It Permissible to Students?
  • Pros and Cons of Online Games
  • Pets Should Be Allowed to Stay with Students in Schools
  • Animals Need Equal Status to Live with Humans
  • Animal Slaughtering Must Be Prevented

6th graders must not choose cumbersome content writing topics which require extensive book reading, researches and assessments. They have to find attractive topics which allow junior students to get stronger evidence and facts to support their thesis statements.


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