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List Of Interesting Topics For Composing An Evaluation Essay

When you write a review about something you are writing an evaluation essay. The ideas should be your own and help the reader to form an opinion on the topic. It is more like saying the pros and cons of an experience or subject. Most evaluation topics are based on personal experience or something that the reader has come in contact with. Selecting a topic for evaluation is not much of a problem.

Importance of a good topic

If you search online you will probably get hundreds of topics to base your essay on. But you must be careful not to choose overused subjects that have already been explored a thousand times by other writers. Since it will be mainly be about your own views and experience you can choose obscure topics. But do not go for topics you do not have any idea about. Sometimes even when you are well aware of one subject the reader may not be aware about it then the essay can become an interesting read. However if you are not aware about a topic, no matter how mainstream, you should do well to avoid it.

Here is a list of some of the topics you can use:

  • The value of a player to a team. Evaluate if the player is overpriced or underpriced.
  • Evaluation of the process used to administer your local club football team. How does the coaching help the player learn the game better?
  • How are women’s sports different from men’s? Evaluate the differences.
  • Evaluate the difference when a person leans a game out of necessity like in gym class and when a person learns a game because of the love for that game. In which does the person excel more.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of home schooling.
  • Evaluate a tutoring program implemented by your school.
  • Describe how a tutoring program helps a student in getting better grades.
  • Are the year round schools any effective? Describe their importance.
  • Evaluate the significance of digital learning. Do students learn faster when taught with software or traditional textbooks are more effective.
  • Evaluate the importance of leading your school football team. How does it increase your chances of going to college?
  • Evaluate the TV subscriptions available in your locality. Which one is better than the others?
  • Evaluate the impact of social media on teenagers.

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