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How To Pick The Right Essay Title Page Format

There are different formats for writing the title page for your essay. One thing that you must know for sure by now is the fact that it is close to impossible for you to write and hand in a paper for marking that does not have a title page. This is the first thing that your teacher will look into, and the first thing that will either earn you or lose you marks in the long run.

The title for your paper is one of the areas where you get free marks, which you should not take lightly. There are so many students who do not often take this as seriously as they should. You need to realize that failing a paper like this one is difficult, considering that there are free marks lying all over the place like these ones. As a brilliant student you must take advantage of some of these opportunities.

The following are simple tips that you should think about when deciding on the format of the title page for your paper:

  1. Follow the provided instructions
  2. Use citation guidelines
  • Follow the provided instructions
  • In as much as we would all love to use some fancy formats for the title page based on the information that we have learned in the past, or any other information that we might consider relevant, there are some boundaries that we should not cross.

    Of course if you are using MS Word for example, there are title page templates that might interest you. Most of these are really fancy and catching to the eye, but they are not what is expected of you in this task.

    Your teacher will give you specific instructions on how to present the title page for your work. With these, your work will pretty much be cut out. Try and make sure that you address the page format just as you have been advised and then from there everything else should be okay.

  • Use citation guidelines
  • When you are working on this paper, you will also need to think about the citation guidelines that you have been given. Every citation guide has its own unique way of formatting the title page for your essay. You must therefore take this into consideration and everything else should fall in place.

    Whether you are using the APA, MLA or any other format, you should know that they all have unique title formatting instructions.


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