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A List Of Simple Topics For High School Art History Essays

Composing about art history is hinged on the same interpretive fundamentals which are utilized for literature. However, this calls for a distinct method as well as diverse observational skills. It is crucial to make use of a discernible vocabulary in this type of writing piece and of course it is a must to spell out our visual impressions into a detailed and factual verbal articulation. In addition, while this form of composition can take several forms, the primary goal of any writing piece should be to clearly expound the linkage between technical form of the writing task and its impact on the viewer in order to express clearly how the discernible elements function together to transmit a long-term impact.

It is essential to note that an art history written discourse can take several forms, hinging on the goals of the writer as well as the intended audience. What is more, an illustrative study concentrates on the representative emblem of a task, considering the mythological or historical uniqueness or personality of figures, the symbol role of various images used and many other elements which may have a discernible essence.

More than that, a high school student’s writing task may also concentrate on the biological specific aspects of the artist, other important factors like social context, patronage and the use of these to place the task within a historical foundation. It is advisable to adjust background research with a study that links the facts back to the writing task itself. The writer shall depend on the formal analysis principles in several cases in order for him or her to support some of his or her claims.

Here is a list of simple topics for high school art history essays which you can consider if you find it hard to choose a topic to write about:

  1. Rise of Photography in the World of Art
  2. What is the Importance of Animals and Symbolism in Ancient Egyptian Art?
  3. Art History in Tourism and Leisure
  4. Indigenous Art History and the Education System
  5. Early Renaissance Painting
  6. Art History: Traditional and Contemporary
  7. The Grotesque in Art and Popular Culture
  8. Women in Art History
  9. The Effects of Art on the Brain
  10. The History of Modern Women and Body Art
  11. New Media Alights the Realm of Art History
  12. Early Renaissance Painting
  13. Characteristics of Romanticism in the History of Art.
  14. Animal Influences in Paleolithic, Egyptian and Greek Art
  15. Interpreting Contemporary History: Revival of the Appreciation of Art

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