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Top 30 American History Essay Topics To Consider

American history is usually offered in 11th grade. By 11th grad, you can expect that you will have to write a few essays. The good news is that there are hundreds and hundreds of topics for the subject.

30 Topic Ideas

  1. The Sons of Liberty-who are and what did they do
  2. The Duel –how it changed Burr and Hamilton
  3. The Federalist and the Anti-Federalists-who were they and what did they believe
  4. The Native Americans of the Plains-a paper on the culture and the life of these tribes
  5. Davy Crockett-the hero and the man
  6. Sam Houston and his Texas-how he helped found Texas
  7. The Making of the American Flag-Betsy and her accomplishments
  8. The Shot Heard Around the World- where, how, and why
  9. The Artists of Early America Heritage-name them and their styles
  10. The Atomic Bomb and the Drop-who were the players and how did it happen
  11. The First 100 Days of the New Deal-the successful and unsuccessful acts
  12. Eleanor and FDR-the greatest first lady and her causes
  13. The Five Worst American Hurricanes-where, when, and how much destruction
  14. The Gangsters of the Prohibition-who were they and what did they do
  15. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and Chicago-what caused the feud and eventual massacre
  16. The Trail of Tears-where did it go, who wen, and why did they go
  17. The Seminole Nation and the Genius Chief Osceola-why he was so smart and what actions proved this
  18. The Bill of Rights and the Authors-explore the authors
  19. The City of Baltimore and Frederick Douglass-how this great hero drew inspiration from the city
  20. Martin Luther King and the his Peace Within-how MLK used peaceful means to fight racism
  21. The Great Migration and how it Helped with the Harlem Renaissance-there are many performers who could be explored
  22. Bessie Smith and the Cotton Club-the empress of the Blues and her forum
  23. Langston Hughes and all his Talents-everything he touched turned to gold
  24. The Generals of the Civil War-name the winners and the losers
  25. Robert E. Lee and his Personal Tragedies-he was brilliant, but his family had a history of tragedy
  26. Ulysses S. Grant and his Addiction-how much did alcohol affect him and his actions
  27. Lincoln and his Cabinet-he picked people who opposed him, why
  28. Ronald Reagan and his War on Drugs-was the 1986 campaign effective
  29. Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity-how many have homes due to this humanitarian
  30. Hilary Clinton and her History of Dishonesty and Corruption-will he leis and corruption keep her from being president

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