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A List Of 25 Historical Essay Topics To Consider

Looking to write a history essay? Need a brilliant topic on which to write? You have come to the right place. Here are 25 of the best history essay topics:

  1. A history of the East India Company. How the company conquered India for the British Empire in the guise of trade.
  2. The story of Muhammad Bin Qasim, the 20 year old general who made inroads into India.
  3. Suleman, the longest reigning king of the Ottoman Empire: his life and times.
  4. Suleman, the Ottoman King: creator of the canonical laws.
  5. A history of the crusades from both the Christian and Muslim perspectives.
  6. The Golden Temple of Amritsar: significance to the Sikh faith.
  7. The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reasons for Operation Blue Star and the resultant massacre.
  8. A history of St. Patrick ’s Day: A tradition tied to the Irish.
  9. Reasons for the Great Depression and its effects on policy in subsequent economic downturns.
  10. Nelson Mandela’s 27 year incarceration: would the apartheid in South Africa have fallen without his sacrifice?
  11. Nelson Mandela’s reconciliation efforts: How much did the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” help South Africa?
  12. The fall of apartheid in South Africa was aided by many revolutionaries along with Nelson Mandela. Who were they?
  13. Palestine, the creation of a conflict. What was the role of the western powers in the creation of this longstanding conflict?
  14. World War II: What effect did the holocaust have on European countries following the end of the war?
  15. World War II: a study of the effect of soldiers conscripted from the colonies by the British Empire, on the war.
  16. What if President Kennedy had not been assassinated? A study of the effects on American politics.
  17. An exploration of the role of the Bush clan on American politics. Was involvement in Middle East wars inevitable for the family?
  18. The Obama years: has the presence of a black president affected a social change in the US as regards to racial inclusion?
  19. A History of North Africa. Democracy versus dictatorships.
  20. Istanbul, a gateway to Europe or Asia? An exploration of Turkey’s efforts for inclusion in the European Union.
  21. The European Union: A history of successes and failures. Is it likely to endure?
  22. The USSR versus present day Russia. What has changed and what has remained the same?
  23. The Russian claim to Crimea. A study of Crimean history.
  24. South Korea and its rise in the last 30 years.
  25. Australia: a history of settlement.

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