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How To Come Up With A Good Essay Title On Bar Mitzvah

Every religion has its distinctive customs and traditions that help a lot in ensuring the longevity of the religion. Jews do not lag in this respect. They have a custom which signifies the growing up of kids or ‘coming of age’. Boys, when they reach 13 years of age become Bar Mitzvah. Girls become Bat Mitzvah when they reach 12 years of age.

Age of liberation

Thirteen, according to Jews, is an age when the child is able to carry most of his duties and take responsibility for his mistakes. He gets the allowance to marry, hold property and read from religious scriptures or Torah. Before the age, the same responsibility is held by the child’s father. This devolution of responsibility characterizes the more of Bar Mitzvah.

When you need to write an essay on Bar Mitzvah, you know you cannot take many risks or chances. You will have to be respectful to the religion and abide by the impositions. The Jews revere their synagogues where they worship and you should not be flippant towards the codes and ethics. For the uninitiated, Bar Mitzvah means son of commandment while Bat Mitzvah refers to daughter of commandment.

The salient features

You may get a general direction through a well-schemed topic. You should first understand the salient features of Jewish religion and then this particular tradition. You should also go through the historical significance of the tradition and how it gives the followers a sense of propriety.

The topic has to be relevant and strategic; it should point directly at what you wish to express or convey. There should not be any detours; assertion is a much needed trait here. Meanwhile, here are 10 topics for essays related to Bar Mitzvah for your reference –

  1. The implications of Bar Mitzvah
  2. How do kids prepare for the coming of age ritual known as Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah?
  3. Is it ethical to allow kids to marry at 13 or 12 even in this age?
  4. Tracing the origins of Bar Mitzvah: How the tradition came into being
  5. Assess the value of community service in preparing the kids for Bar Mitzvah
  6. Does Bar Mitzvah make kids responsible or rebellious?
  7. Elucidate on the rite of passage for Jewish kids
  8. What principles lead Jewish religion to affix 13 as the age of maturity?
  9. Explain the celebrations that revolve around the tradition of Bar Mitzvah
  10. Does Bar Mitzvah have something to do with the fact why Jews are innately intelligent and responsible?

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