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Useful Directions On How To Organize A 3-Page Essay

Okay, so granted while organizing a three-page essay is a little more challenging than say a very basic three paragraph one, it is actually very easy to do once you happen to be in the swing of things. The Keyword here is “organize.” If you are disorganized by nature then you are going to need to give the way you manage your work a re-think.

In case you are panicking about this, here are some useful directions on how to get over this hurdle successfully.

  • Write the essay
  • There is no point worrying yourself senseless about the layout until after the event. You need to get into a mental space where you are able to write the essay free from distractions. Let’s face it, there are plenty of other things that can crop up during the writing process. It’s far better that you at least get the essay in its final form down on paper. It also goes without saying that you need to leave enough time to reorganise it.

  • Does it follow the basic format?
  • By that, I mean does it have a clear beginning, middle and end? This might seem a little patronising, but if you haven’t tended to the basics, then you are going to struggle with the more challenging tasks. If any of the above are weak, then take the time to rework and sort them out before proceeding any further.

  • What about your acknowledgements?
  • Apart from the fact that you are not going to want to be dogged by accusations of plagiarism, you do need to make sure that your acknowledgements section is comprehensive, it should also come towards the very end. So this is going to be on the last page.

  • Bibliography
  • Your bibliography, namely titles that you have referenced throughout your work are also going to come at the very end. There are specific formats that you will need to adhere to when compiling this all-important reading list and further information can be found online. Like the acknowledgement, this will be on the last page. (After your conclusion)

  • What about your central argument?
  • Have you done everything that you set out to do when starting to write your essay? If the answer to that is yes, and I sincerely hope that it is! Then, your central argument should sit somewhere from the end of the first page and run into the second.


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