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How To Elaborate A Plan For Composing A Strong Expository Essay

Over time, a lot of students have come to understand why it is necessary that as they prepare to write their essay, whether it is expository or narrative, they should make a plan on how to compose the paper. Some of the reasons why you should make a plan before composing your paper are as follows:

  • It increases your chances of settling for a more interesting and coherent point of view.
  • It helps you to determine the structure of your academic paper, including what the conclusion would look like even before you begin the actual writing process.
  • It makes the writing process less stressful since you only have to concentrate on writing only instead of concentrating on ideas and writing.
  • It helps you to stay on the main idea of your paper.

These are just a few of the reasons why adequate planning is necessary prior to writing that pending expository essay. Now we have to look at how you can elaborate on an already made plan. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Elaborate on your outline: You have already made a plan on the outline of your academic paper. You can elaborate on this plan by outlining what should be in the three sections of your paper: the introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Elaborate on how you plan to answer the question: The question or issue you are expected to address in your academic paper can be open-ended or closed. Make sure which it is as this would help you to sensitize your readers on why you have chosen to answer the question the way you did.
  • Take note of keywords: Before you start writing on the assigned topic or question, take your time to disconnect the several words that form the topic. This would help you determine the keyword and as a result, base most of your research on it.
  • Break things down: Yes, you have already narrowed down your topic in your initial plan but at this stage, you have to further breakdown your essay question. First, break it down to further understand the topic, ask why this topic or question is important and then ask questions on what and what you need to find out about the topic or question.

These are just the few helpful tips that should guide you when you want to elaborate a plan for composing any academic paper. Remember, always stay on point and you will do just fine.


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