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Writing An Argumentative Synthesis Essay: Helpful Hints

The secret to writing commanding essays lies in preparation. You need to prepare well and start early. If it’s a topic you’re not very familiar with, you need to start even earlier. Do a lot of research using as many resources as you can. More importantly, you need to know how to structure your essay for ease of reading.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind;

  1. Don’t make up data
  2. Many a time we are tempted to use made up facts to impress the graders. Don’t do this. If you don’t have the facts, do some research and find what to write about. Never worry if you only get two strong points. You can actually earn very good grades if you can argue those two points accordingly.

  3. Argue forcefully
  4. The most important thing in an argumentative synthesis essay is to argue your points succinctly and forcefully. Let the grader see that you have relevant data to back your claims and the will to go at length to convince others about your opinions on existing facts. Argumentative essays can be pretty boring; sometimes being forceful is what you need to convince the grader.

  5. Attack diction
  6. No one will tell you exactly what to write about but never worry because it isn’t difficult to know what is required of you. Look for diction and vague wording and think critically about them. For instance, words such as “certain” could easily point you to the right direction. Or, if the words “too much” are used, ask yourself just how much would be “too much.”

  7. Plan
  8. Before you start writing, it is important to plan your writing. Normally, you’ll be given 30 minutes to complete the essay. Spend the first five minutes planning for the paper. Ensure that the plan gives you an accurate roadmap and highlights all your main points.

  9. Write
  10. Writing should only take about 20 minutes. With a solid plan in place, you will be surprised that the 20 minutes is indeed a long time. Just ensure that you cove all your points exhaustively. Also, ensure that you structure your paper appropriately.

  11. Revise
  12. Always remember to leave the last five minutes for revising your paper. The revision period is meant for correcting any mistakes that might have been made during the writing. Correct the grammar and spelling and ensure that your citations and referencing is accurate.

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