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Free Tips On How To Compose A Great Persuasive Response Essay

The best persuasive responsive essays are the ones that are able to change the reader’s minds in support of its basic argument - through the use of logical reasoning and presentation of facts.

What is the purpose of a persuasive response paper?

  • A persuasive paper functions in the same way as an argumentative essay Its basic purpose is to support or argue against a concept, theme, theory, event or for that matter any given subject
  • As mentioned above, a persuasive response writing is successful when it has been able to convince the reader at least to some extent of the argument that it proposes.

How to write a great one?

  • The first and most important thing to remember regarding writing such a paper is to supply the writing with enough factual evidence and references as possible. This is the best way to convince a reader of the authenticity of your argument. Just writing about your opinion on the matter isn’t good enough to convince someone; they should be given hard facts and logical reasoning in support of the theory.
  • It is also not good enough to only prove your own argument; you should also provide enough basis and evidence on disproving the opposing theory or argument. This is another good way to ensure that the reader remains on your side.
  • The main forms of evidence that you can use in this kind of writing are - Facts, Quotes, Statistics and examples. If you are able to use these tools effectively and in a way that they support your argument - most of your work towards using logical reasoning is taken care of.
  • Researching the topic is as important as knowing enough about the subject to write about. If you want to write a great paper, it is not enough to simply use your own personal knowledge on the subject. You should be prepared to conduct a certain amount of research so you can gain evidence and examples and direct quotations to use to prove your theory and disapprove an opposing one.

Besides the above points, writing a good paper also means that you should adhere to the structural and format rules that have been set. Judging your audience and the typical reader of your paper will also come in handy. Most of all, using a clear and strong writing style will add authenticity to your writing and your paper.


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