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Basics Instructions For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On Art

A compare and contrast essay on art will delve into two related ideas. When tasked with writing this type of paper, it is imperative to look into the fundamental structure of the writing type. Consider the following instructions for an excellent essay.

Choose a topic

To select a suitable topic; you need to research. Go to your library, or look for information on academic databases. Moreover, consider your interests as it is easier to write about what makes you curious along with the specifications of the assignment. Start by analyzing the questions given. Understand both sides of the paper as this will make it easy for you to write.

You must come up with a concise thesis statement. It is the statement that will anchor your assignment. As so, it needs to be succinct.

Craft an outline

Make a rough draft of how you will organize your work. The organization helps you to articulate your issues consistently throughout your work. It serves as an organizing tool. Separate your variables and research comprehensively on them. A comprehensive sourcing will give your work more credibility.

Write the paper

When you get down to writing the points you drafted on the outline section, start by introducing the reader to your piece. The introduction acts as the entrance to your assignment. It tells your audience what to expect in the main body. It is also in the opening paragraph that you will mention your thesis statement. This paragraph like any other standard paragraph has an opening sentence; the ideas come in the middle then a closing sentence to crown the introduction

In the main body, your outline will be your guide. Each paragraph in the body has a single point of comparison. Ensure that the details are consistent with the main topic. There are two ways to write the body; using the block method, where you dedicate one paragraph to a similarity and the next talking about a difference. Or talk about each side in the same section, a style called point by point. Either way, you must achieve flow in between your sentences and paragraphs by using transitional phrases.

Conclusion This section summarizes the points in the body of your paper. You should conclude your work by giving a personal statement why you think one side is better than the other. Let the reader understand what your paper was encompassing. Conclude by proofreading your work to correct all the errors before submission.

The above steps will help you achieve excellence when writing a compare and contrast essay on art.


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