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A Useful Tutorial for Making an Amazing 5 Paragraph Essay

One of the most basic forms of essays is the five paragraph essay. It is one of the most common because it can be used to write many different essays. This basic format is easy to learn and this tutorial will show you exactly how to write an amazing five paragraph essay in no time.

There are three main parts of a five paragraph essay. The first part will consist of the first paragraph and will be the introduction. The second part is the body and will consist of the next three paragraphs. This part is the meat of the paper and will be used to prove your thesis. The last part is the last paragraph which is the conclusion. Let’s take a look at each section and look at what each paragraph should consist of.


Your introduction is just that. It introduces the topic of discussion to your reader. This paragraph consists of a few main parts. The first part is the attention getter. This is a sentence or quote that will draw your reader in. It can be an interesting fact about your topic. The next section of the introduction is the background information. This part of the introduction is where you tell your reader any information that they may need to understand the topic. This would include some history or defining characteristics. You can also define any vocabulary that the reader may need to know. The last sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement. This is the reason why you are writing your paper and what you want to prove. You want to make sure that you create a good thesis.

Body Section

The body section consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph will describe or explain one of the reasons why you believe your thesis. Tell your reader three reasons why you have made the claim that you did. For example, if your thesis is that newborns are a handful because they need to eat every two hours, they don’t have the same sleep schedule, and they want to be held, you would explain each of these three points in separate paragraphs.


The last section and last paragraph is your conclusion. It is designed to pull your paper together. You may want to retouch on the three reasons and you need to restate your thesis. This helps tie the whole paper together.

There is the way you set up your five paragraph essay. You can use this format for so many different types of essays and even for larger research papers by just creating multiple paragraphs for the introduction and each body paragraph.


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