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Good Persuasive Essay Topics for College

There are two ways to pick a good topic for a college persuasive essay. The first is to select a controversial issue on which you have a strong personal opinion. The second is to choose a question that will make your readers smile and that will be a fun for you to explore.

Controversial Topics

  • Should cigarettes be banned?
  • Tobacco smoke is proven to be cancerogenic, both for the smoker and those around. Why don’t governments just ban tobacco products from sale?

  • Should famous actors and athletes be paid more than doctors or teachers?
  • Is it fair that celebrities earn millions while those whose job is far more significant for the society live on much smaller salaries? Or do the talented performers deserve their payment?

  • Should minors be allowed to play violent video games?
  • Violent games typically have age limits, but children and teenagers still can get access to them. Is it problem? Or there is nothing wrong as far as they realize that it is just a game?

  • Should beauty contests be eliminated?
  • On the one hand, beauty pageants are criticized for promoting a view of women as those who should be valued only for their appearance. On the other, they remain an important social lift for women from underprivileged backgrounds.

  • Should there be penalties for illegal content users?
  • Intellectual piracy is outlawed in most countries, but those who download illegal content do not usually suffer any punishments. Do you think users should be punished too in order to overcome this pressing problem? Or this is not a problem at all as copyright is outdated?

  • Should students receive any homework?
  • Some schools do not give their students any homework at all. Do you think this example should be followed by the rest?

  • Should teenagers be allowed to buy contraceptives?
  • The main argument “for” is that it helps prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in teens. The main argument “against” is that it can encourage teenage sexual behavior.

Funny & Unusual Topics

  • Should internet slang be included in dictionaries?
  • Does technology make people lazier?
  • Should Shakespeare’s plays be shortened to make them more interesting?
  • Can smoking help make friends?
  • Should we keep sending lots of automatically generated “happy birthday” messages?
  • Should students be allowed to eat during class?
  • Should there be parenting licenses as there are driving ones?
  • Is it good for children to be told lies that Santa Claus exists?
  • What age is best to find new friends?

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