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Interesting informative essay topics: How to pick a good one

You can find great topics by reading about your subject or asking questions about a particular area you’re interested in. Understanding the following guidelines will help you come up with—and find—awesome topics that compliment your essays.

A topic that can be outlined easily

If you can’t break your topic down into about five sections, then keep looking. A good topic can always be outlined into smaller sections that are separate and unique, while still being interconnected with each other.

A topic that can be researched

Look at your topic from an angle of research. If there’s too little info out there, you may want to reconsider that topic. However, if the topic can be expanded upon easily, it’s something you can work with.

A topic that has the three Cs

  • Contributory: If your topic doesn’t promise anything unique to your subject, scrap it.
  • Controversial: Your topic has to spark a bit of controversy in order to get read.
  • Conversational: Engaging your reader with your topic is imperative, as it’s the first line they will read.

A topic you know something about

Don’t write about something you know nothing about. Connect yourself to your topic and it’ll naturally shine. Writing about something you are somewhat familiar with will create a flow of ideas that can turn any topic into something interesting to read.

A topic that generates intrigue

If a topic fails to hook you, it won’t hook your reader either. Find or create a topic that promises to offer a solution, contribute valuable information, or explain a process. Add value to your essay by choosing a topic that will make someone want to read it.

A topic that isn’t worn out

Be sure to pick a topic that isn’t redundant. If someone else has already covered your topic sufficiently, there’s no point in doing it all over again. Find or create a topic that speaks new volumes to your field, as this will ensure that you get credited well for the work you put in.

A topic that’s focused

Everything your topic promises to deliver must be contained within the word count you’ve been assigned. Many topics have a potential range that cannot be covered in a small space, making them near-impossible to write about. Make sure your topic focuses in on one particular point, and that that same point can be broken down effectively in order to be explained.


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