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Picking Up An Excellent Topic For Your Essay

Every student will be told over and over again that the choice of the topic for their essay can largely determine the success of their writing activity. What they may not be told is that the task of writing an essay moves from being boring and difficult to interesting and efficient all because of the choice of essay topic. Get the topic choice correct and make your life much easier and your academic record much better. But how do you discover an excellent topic for your essay?

  • You could always try brainstorming.
  • You can go online and look for essay topics.
  • You can go to your school or college library and see what topics are the students have chosen.
  • You can talk to your teacher or professor about what they think is an excellent topic.
  • You can make a list of all your hobbies and interests.

Brainstorming is an interesting activity and one of the best ways to pick up an excellent topic for your essay is to think of a word or words that you find really interesting. If you can get a friend or friends to join in the brainstorming session then so much the better. Using that word or words which you find really interesting, write down anything and everything you can think of related to those words.

You will find an abundance of websites in which the title of essay topics are listed. You will not be short of suggestions. But just because the topic looks interesting doesn't mean that it's ideal for you. Remember the test that the topic must excite you and drive you to write the best possible essay.

Don't forget the old-fashioned resource of the school or college library. In many cases students’ work can be stored in an old-fashioned way leaving you with the opportunity to see what other students have chosen and how they have written their essay can be a source of inspiration for you to pick up an excellent topic or three.

And while we're talking about old-fashioned methods, never refuse to discuss the situation with your teacher or professor. They have been working with students who have to write essays for many a long year. Bounce ideas off your academic betters. Ask them what they think of the topic you have in mind. They may even suggest an alternative?

And finally a really clever idea is to make a list of everything you find exciting or interesting or worthwhile. With this list in front of you can then think about creating an excellent essay topic from your hobbies or interests.


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