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How to write a strong analytical paper overnight

Many students are overloaded with homework and extra curricular activities. They start to run out of time in the day to get all of their tasks done. That is why so many students end up writing strong papers overnight.

Whether you are pressed for time because your rehearsals ran late all week or because you simply forgot about your homework there are still many tricks you can use to write a strong analytical paper overnight. The best part is these tricks can be applied to any paper too!

  1. When you are writing a strong analytical paper overnight start out by picking your topic. Pick something you love if you can. But if you can’t then don’t fret. The reason you should pick a topic you love is because of the thorough research you have to do and the time you have to spend with the topic. But if you are writing a paper overnight then you don’t really have to concern yourself with this because you will only be spending the night with the topic.
  2. Write down what you know about the topic and what you need to know. Ask yourself what questions you need to answer in your analytical paper. Write down a crude outline based on the background you need to supply and the main points you are going to evaluate or present.
  3. Then comes the research. When you are limited for time you can change the way you research. Instead of reviewing all of the published material related to your subject and coming to a comprehensive conclusion based on that you can search for research or published information that specifically matches what you are writing about. For example: if you need a piece of background information such as the religions in Malaysia you can search for that specifically online. If you find a Wikipedia page with the information scroll down to the reference part of the page and find the legitimate academic references that are cited under the religion section. Use the information but cite the academic sources. When you are looking for evidence search only for evidence that specifically matches the point you are going to make.
  4. Write the paper. Write out an introduction that summarizes the topic sentence in every paragraph. Write the introduction after you write the body too. This will make it go faster. Once that is done rephrase the introduction to generate a fast conclusion.

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