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Creating A Strong Topic For An Argument Essay

Not one day passes that a writer, whether they're a student or not, doesn't experience some writer's block, where they have problems coming up with something compelling to write about. Finding a strong topic to dispute is no exception.

Arguing is a very interesting part of our social development. The ability to argue a point, in some developed societies, determines the level of progress of that society. That society could be geographical or even a society in another time. For instance if one was to measure this, one could use the arguments of Plato's time with the arguments posed today.

Debate is more of a civilized argument that presents all the information in a very compelling and 'easy to digest' fashion. To present something like that in text is the goal, but first the student must find a way to create strong topic.

Personal Experiences

Every student has experience with argument. Refuting a topic happens all of the time in real life, so applying it to an essay should be simple. Some very frequent sources to tap into for strong topics are:

  • News media – All news whether it's unbiased or even more biased, is a great way to create topics from as they are pretty strong already.
  • Personal Q&A – By asking other students questions or holding a question and answer session with other students on different topics is a good way to see which ones stand out more.
  • Exploit a ongoing argument – There's a good chance that the student is currently in a unsettled argument or has questions lingering about a recent one or about to engage in one in real life. Writing that argument out also forms a strong topic.

Even reusing an old and relevant argument isn't entirely solved. Meaning an argument that readers might feel society has solved already, when this is hardly ever the case.

Create A Topic Out Of Nothing

Essay writers are also magicians in a way. This means that a good writer can take any topic and form a compelling essay around it. And with the fact that argument is a natural sentiment, it's easy to drag the topic out for debate.

The student should make notes of their topic, any topic they have in mind and stick to it pulling out different ideas and connecting them to create narratives. Matching on to the other will form a pattern that the student can use as a framework. This could be the outline process of the essay as well. Because generally, arguing the topic will take a life of its own.

The point it so to keep concentrate on the same points to make them stronger.

Concentrate On The Topic

Unless the student has made it a habit to stay away from lingering too long on a topic or make passive statements, they wouldn't know that there are tricks to making their essay more engaging. For one, a engaging essay creates 'beats' or patterns that the reader can pick up on.

Tightening up the beats of the essay takes the reader's awareness of when to make them stronger and when to leave them alone. The best way to do this is to make the topic more concentrated, sifting those points that trigger the argument itself.

If a person is carrying a tower of boxes down the street, most likely they're going to get a lot of people's attention. Crowds of people with their own towers in the same square would be too much sensory overload for anyone to stay interested.

These basic steps to finding the topic have everything to do with making it a strong topic and a therefore, an even stronger essay.


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