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Getting a character analysis essay example for free

If you are assigned a character analysis essay then consider the following:

A sample can prove to be a very useful thing. A sample of any paper you are assigned will show you how to create a sound argument. It will show you what style or tone is appropriate for this type of writing compared to other types of writing. It will also show you what is expected of you by your teacher and what might be expected of you by other teachers down the road.

If you have never written this type of paper before it will give you the opportunity to visually see how it should all be laid out. This can be very beneficial to people who are visual learners.

So where can you find an example?

  • If your teacher did not supply you with an example upon giving you the assignment details you can ask for one. The teacher should be able to give you an example from previous students or previous years. Getting a sample from your teacher is one of the best places you can turn because it offers you some insight into what they personally expect for certain letter grades. This can be a great substitute for a grading rubric too.
  • If they do not have one then you can try to find a sample in school or public writing guides. There are hundreds of reliable writing guides published today many of which are freely available on the internet. You can try your school library and see if they have a copy. If they do you might be able to check it out for the duration of your essay. Make sure to review the writing guide before you check it out though because it might not have the type of sample you want. If your library does not let you check it out then you will have to photocopy the sample or the pages that relate to the sample so that you can keep them handy as you start to write your essay.
  • The internet is another great place to look for a sample paper. If you are unsure of where to start searching you can type in keywords such as “sample” and the type of essay or topic you are searching for. Writing companies often post samples of previous work for potential customers to view and former students often post their previously completed essays online.

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