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Creating An Impressive Essay On Confusing Harder With Better

Alfie Kohn wrote an article called Confusing Harder with Better. It is designed to discuss the school system in how just because the curriculum got harder does not mean it got better. In order to ensure that you write an impressive essay on this topic, it is so important to make sure that you are focusing on the key points in the article. Here is the best way to identify the key points to discuss.

  • Read, read, read
  • You should read through the piece several times to start off. Trying reading it out loud as if you had to give it as a speech. When you read it out loud, you tend to read it slower and more concise. It can also help you hear things that you may have missed when reading it in your head.

  • Look at topic sentences
  • If the paper is well-written, it will have a topic sentence at the beginning of every paragraph that gives the main idea of that paragraph. Therefore, you should be able to get all the main points by reading the first sentence of every paragraph. If you don’t think this is the case, then read through each paragraph until you have one sentence that you feel captures the essence of that paragraph whether you have to create it yourself or use their paper.

  • Develop your outline
  • In your paper, you will make a statement about this piece and then you will support that statement with at least three reasons. After determining the main points of the article, you will want to develop your thesis from this information. It can be something like “Kohn believes that the education system has to be more than just harder than before because…” From this point you would then decide on three points to support your statement. The thesis is the main statement and will appear in the introduction. The three supporting statements will be each of your body paragraphs.

  • Introduction
  • You will need to give a synopsis on the article in your introduction so that someone who has not read it can understand what your paper is about. Make sure to give them an idea of what the article is about and what the author’s accreditations are in writing the article as well. Continue on with your piece by writing the thesis at the end of the introduction and describing your case.


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