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Tips on Writing an Intro Paragraph to Your Essay (with Examples)

Here are a few tips with examples that will teach you how to write a good introduction.

Never start with a dictionary definition of your topic

The worst way to open an essay is with a dictionary definition.


Let’s say your essay is about learning to grow in-house vegetables for prepping then you should never start your paper with defining the term prepping. You can either start with a question, an assertion or a situation that your readers can relate to. When the reader starts reading your essay, he will figure out what prepping is all about.

Include the thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph

Even though it is not necessary to add a thesis statement in your introductory paragraph but you can include it if you like. However, you cannot open the paragraph with a thesis statement. It cannot be the second sentence of your introduction paragraph either. If you were to include a thesis statement, you need to present your topic to the reader. You need to develop their interest or show them the problem and then talk about the thesis statement.


If your thesis statement says, “Every individual should learn the basics of prepping”. You cannot simply open your introduction with this sentence. You need to first explain why is it important to know prepping basics and what is the concept behind prepping. After your reader is on the same note as you, you can then tell them about your thesis statement.

Hook your readers


Adding stuff that can help people relate to your essay will enable you to keep their interest. You can also hook your readers by allowing them an insight to your life and talk about a personal experience. You may also hook your readers by asking a question or showing some facts. Have a look at following statements for an example

  1. Many people learn the basics of prepping
  2. 48% people in the United States take personal prepping courses
  3. Do you know that every one out of 8 people in the Europe learn prepping?

If you look at above statements you will see that statement 1 is plain and does not attract a reader. You might not even remember it even after reading it. However in the statement 2 and 3 there are facts and values that will stay in your mind. When you ask a question the mind of the reader pays close attention to your sentence.


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