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How I Found A Good Specialist Who Helped Me Write My Essay

I was struggling with my essay. However, all this ended when I was able to find an effective specialist who helped me write my essay. At first, it was challenging, since I wanted to check on the internet but did not know how to since there were so many sites from which you could find an expert.

Read on to learn how I successfully managed to find a good specialist who wrote a good essay for me. There are certain things that I had to keep in mind that helped me make the right decision. They include the following.

  • The writer’s level of expertise
  • The writer’s native language
  • Previous works of the writer
  • Communication with the writer
  • How long it would take to the writer to write the essay.
  • The writer’s level of expertise
  • I checked out number of online writing platforms and selected one of them which suited my needs. I then registered in the site and then posted a project detailing the requirements of my essay. I then reviewed numerous bids, as many freelance writers were interested in writing my essay for me.

    These writers who bid were ranked according to their ratings as well as the number of essays they had written. There were some newbie writers too. However, it can be quite tricky to give your essay to a newbie to write for you as the writer may not have a clue on the content, style and formation that is required.

    I went through the profiles of some of the top ranked writers. I looked at their skills, experience and even level of education.

  • The writer’s native language
  • Since I needed my paper to be written in English, I checked the native language of these top ranked writers. I checked their scores in the English level test that they had done. This guided me in selecting one whose English was excellent.

  • Previous works by the writers
  • I checked the portfolios and even requested them for a few samples of their previous written essays.

  • Communication with the writer.
  • I reached out to a few of the writers whose profiles I had liked. This helped me learn more about their expertise.

  • Time
  • I then found out how long it would take for writer to complete the essay.

Another website that can be of help to you with finding a good specialist can be found here.


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