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A Quick Guide To Creating An Expository Essay About Friendship

Friendship is a word known to everybody, but not everyone is able to explain or define it. This can be a great topic for your expository (explanatory) essay because you’ll get a chance to shed light on this concept. The following guidelines will help you create an excellent explanatory essay.

  • Read the prompt.
  • The instructors usually provide students with some prompts to the topic. Friendship is a very broad concept, so you may be asked to explain or discuss a certain aspect of it, for example, its psychological side or why people stop being friends.

  • Indicate the keywords.
  • As a rule, your prompt contains two or more words that can be considered as keywords. When you recognize them, try to find and list their synonyms. After that, think how you’d explain the meaning of each word and how others would interpret them. Scrutinizing the prompt, you’ll get a clear idea of what you’re supposed to write. In the long run, you’ll come up with a paraphrased prompt that will be included in the introduction.

  • Respond to the prompt.
  • At the next stage, you should comment on the prompt using the keywords synonyms. You should also decide whether you agree or disagree with that statement or you just question it. Make sure that your response includes a specific detail relevant to the topic.

  • Write the introduction.
  • At the beginning write your rephrased prompt. Maybe, while you were analyzing it, you came across an apt quotation concerning friendship or other keywords. You can make this quote your first sentence. This will work as an attention grabber and introduce the generalities of your essay. Also, provide some background information for your reader. The last sentence of the introduction should be your thesis statement.

  • Express your ideas in the body paragraphs.
  • Every paragraph should support one of your main points. The sources for the supporting evidence can be your personal experience or facts from the material you read. You should not only provide evidence, but also show how it explains a particular idea expressed in the thesis.

  • Write the conclusion.
  • Restate your thesis statement in the first sentence of your concluding paragraph. You should write it on the basis of the provided evidence, so it should be a kind of summary. Next, discuss the significance of your topic (friendship) in a broader context. Finally, come up with an interesting ending. You can raise a new question or encourage the reader to ponder over your topic.


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