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How to compose the last paragraph of an essay: writing an original conclusion

Conclusions are what complete the setting for a well written paper. The conclusion gives you, as the writer, the chance to present your information yet again, in conjunction with the introduction, in an interesting way which sets you apart from other essays that may have a similar purpose. This is particularly useful if your entire class is given the same assignment or topic.

One of the most important aspects of your conclusion is to get the attention of the reader and to leave them reflecting on your paper when they finish reading. If you fail to do this, it will take away from the quality of your paper and no matter how well written your body paragraphs might be, the reader won’t be interested anymore and will forget about your paper after they finish reading.

You need to make sure you conclusion does well to adhere to tone and the topic for your paper. It should lead the reader directly to your thesis statement rephrased. You want the conclusion to house the rewritten thesis statement, and remind the reader what evidence you presented in the body. Here are some tips on grabbing the attention of the reader:

  • Tell the reader a story right from the start
  • Incorporate some striking statistics
  • Provide the reader with an interesting quote related to your topic
  • Ask the reader a thought provoking question related to your topic

There are many ways to keep the attention of the reader, and it is up to you to find a style that fits both your writing and your writing assignment. In addition to hooking the attention of your reader, you want to make sure that your conclusion achieves the following:

  • It should grab the attention of your reader
  • It should introduce the subject of your essay
  • It should set the tone of your essay
  • It should lead into your thesis statement
  • It should have a clear thesis, which then controls the rest of the paper

Generally, the length of your conclusion should match the length of your paper. That means, a shorter paper should have a shorter conclusion compared to a twenty page research paper. A good rule of thumb is that your conclusion should make up about 10% of your total paper length. Review the conclusion to make sure it relates to and supports all of the evidence and information you presented in the rest of your paper.


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