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6 Simple Suggestions On How To Write An Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is a type of an academic writing that students often have to prepare in school. If you are given such an assignment, this means that you have to describe a subject, place, situation, or person by providing various examples, details, and facts. In other words, you should illustrate a chosen topic. Using adjectives will help you reveal the topic and make your paper interesting to the readers.

The following six simple suggestions explain how to write an illustration essay easily:

  1. Choose an original topic and introduce it in your first paragraph.
  2. Choosing an original topic is important. It’s impossible to compose a strong paper if your topic is boring or you don’t like it at all. You can find a sample topic on the Web or consult your instructor about what topic to select. The main descriptions and characteristics of your topic should be presented in an introductory paragraph.

  3. Use the same keywords in the whole paper.
  4. It makes sense to determine all the keywords that you’ve mentioned in your introduction and use them later in the body paragraphs. This will help you focus your essay and avoid misunderstanding. Keep in mind that everything that you write about should be related to your topic idea.

  5. Formulate your ideas carefully.
  6. You should keep your descriptions clear and short. It’s advisable to write less than more. To put it simple, provide only specific ideas that describe your subject matter. An illustration essay shouldn’t be too general. You should write about characteristics that are important to learn more about the subject.

  7. Create great comparisons.
  8. Typically, this type of writing involves using numerous comparisons. It’s recommended to select those that are familiar to the audience. You must ensure that everyone will understand your message, so avoid writing long, complicated sentences and provide a single idea in each paragraph.

  9. Find a good sample and learn how to write an illustration essay.
  10. If you have poor writing skills, you should visit a school writing lab and find a writing manual with examples. Study it carefully and ask a lab instructor for some assistance if you need more explanation.

  11. Reserve some time to revise and edit the paper.
  12. Although you can write your assignment fast, you should never submit your first draft. Make sure that you have some time to revise the document, format it in a proper manner, correct mistakes, and compose a bibliography list if necessary. It’s a good idea to ask your friend to read it, as he or she will catch more mistakes than you do.


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