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Where To Find An Appropriate Example Of An Essay In The MLA Format

While Psychology majors and those in the social sciences have the APA format, humanities majors typically use the MLA or Modern Language Association’s standards on writing their academic papers.

If you have never used this or any other academic writing style before you may benefit from looking at sample essays that show you exactly what your work should look like when complete. Here are some of the places you can begin:

In textbooks about the MLA format

This style of writing has been in existence for long enough that text books have been written which explain how it should be used. If you can access one of these, it is not uncommon to find at least one sample paper presented within that shows readers what their completed work should look like.

From teachers who request them

If your teacher is requesting that your work be presented in this style, most likely he or she has collected good sample pieces that are also in the format over the years. You can ask to be allowed to see one or two.

From friends who have had to complete them

If you know anyone who is a seasoned academic writer, you can ask to see their previous papers once they are the same style you are required to use.

From academic content creation companies

If you desperately need a sample and do not mind paying for it, you can hire an academic content creation company to make one for you. This will be made to your precise specifications but if you want to be certain that the company you work with will not scam you, it is better to be prepared to pay well. If you cannot pay up, check out the sample section to see if they have anything that meets your needs.

From random sites on the World Wide Web

The internet has many documents on it and if you search for essays in this format you will end up with several million results. There will be great ones, there will be awful ones and it is up to you to sort them out. This can be time consuming so make sure you are not too busy if you intend to attempt this.

If you keep trying, you will find yourself becoming familiar with the writing styles your teacher or professor expects.


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