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Cause And Effect Essay Topics: 12 Interesting Suggestions

Writing a cause and effect essay is an interesting academic task. It is one of the easiest forms of writing because you need to write in relativity. In a cause and effect paper, students need to write the causes of a certain subject like discussing the reasons for a certain topic. The other approach of writing cause and effect paper is to reverse the first one. In this style, students need to discuss a cause and show the possible effects of this cause. You can adopt any of these approaches in the same subject. For example, consider the following two ideas.

  1. The consequences of excess carbon consumption on the Ozone layer
  2. The reasons for the damage of ozone layer and the global warming

Even though both of these topics have the same subject but their content varies depending on the style. In the first one, you need to focus particularly on the carbon consumption and its effects on the ozone layer or global warming. In the latter topic, you need to discuss the general causes of global warming including carbon consumption and many others.

The above example clearly shows that the topic is very critical for your assignment and it changes the overall scope of your paper. You need to make sure that the topic and the paper both follow the same direction. A good topic will be unique, fresh, interesting and engaging. You should keep the instructions by your teacher in your mind while choosing a topic for your assignment. They might ask you to stay away from a certain areas or choose only one kind of approach for the paper. You must write the paper in accordance with the requirements by your teachers because they will grade your assignment.

Here is a list of interesting cause and effect essay topics for students that they can use to write their own and get an idea for themselves.

  1. The causes of air pollution and noise pollution
  2. The effects of war on Afghanistan and Iraq on the US economy
  3. The causes of terrorism in Muslim countries
  4. The results of killings in France
  5. The effects of sex oriented music industry
  6. The causes of a confused generation
  7. The results of child abuse
  8. The causes of teenage pregnancies
  9. The causes for unemployment rates increasing
  10. The causes of divorce
  11. The effects of financial crisis on marriage
  12. The causes of obesity

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