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List Of Good Essay Topics Related To Brave New World

Aldous Huxley wrote a book called Brave New World (published in 1931) which was far ahead of his times and was interestingly set in AD 2540. It is his encapsulation of how things may turn 500 years from now.

Rise from the ashes

It must be said that the texture of the book gives rise to numerous essay topics. It has too many layers and the very fact that it draws towards emptiness taking courses through areas filled with frill, fulsomeness and flowers, is amazing.

Critical evaluation

You can critically analyze the book or go for character evaluation. Interestingly, most of the characters are well-etched and promiscuity comes across as the sworn religion of the times; which seems quite relevant even today, about 86 years from the time the book was released. The essays can take up from there.

Lacking even with everything

Your essay can also take a look at how the New World Order where everything will have a fixed definition and discipline and the people abiding by it will be called Alpha-males and yet, these very people will lack in various resources.

The song dedication

Interestingly, Eminem’s Oscar-winning song Lose Yourself has a line ‘As we move towards a new world order’ may have been a reference to this book. Actually, whatever controversial and novel that we drive at is our unseen and untold endeavor to create a new order! Your essay can creep from these shores.

Tracing happiness

Your essay can also trace the life and style of Lenina and Helmholtz and enquire whether they are actually happy or just wearing the cloak of happiness to cheat the world. The extracts of the book are remarkably hidden under silken sheets.

Here are 10 pointed essay topics based on Brave New World for your reference –

  1. Opine on the anachronistic approach of John
  2. Suggest where the word whore will have a new meaning 500 years from now
  3. Explain the character of Bernard Marx in the context of the book
  4. Elucidate whether the resignation of Thomas is a reflection of the fact that some things will never change
  5. Interpret self-flagellation in a bid to offer synopsis to the book
  6. Suggest how the freewheeling Lenina can actually be surprised by the last act of John
  7. Explain whether ‘everyone sleeping with everyone’ is a utopian or dystopian concept
  8. Explain your view of the perfect Alpha-male 500 years from now
  9. Suggest how different people in the book take differently to the idea of solitude
  10. What according to you defines the book; sex or shortcoming

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