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20 Controversial Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas On Vegetarianism

Every culture has rules regarding what is considered permissible for human consumption and what is not. These things vary widely from place to place. For some the consumption of animal flesh is just as forbidden as the consumption of human flesh and for similar reasons. Vegetarians and vegans are people who do not eat animal products with vegans being the stricter of the two. Their beliefs can be held very closely which makes the stirring of controversy if you write about them a fairly easy matter.

In selecting an essay topic in that vein, think of the following:

  • Are vegetarians/vegans right?
  • If you start in this direction you can consider topics that disparage people who eat meat, especially those who feed it to their children. This provokes controversy because many animals do live in squalid conditions and suffer before their eventual slaughter.

  • Are vegetarians/vegans wrong?
  • There are many reasons that humans might benefit more from a diet that includes at least some meat. By denying themselves, vegetarians may be harming themselves physiologically in the long run.

  • Are vegans superior?
  • Many vegans would agree which causes a rift in the non meat eating community. By bringing attention to this weakness you can raise some controversial points that can spice up any essay.

With those tips in mind, here is a list of 20 persuasive topics on vegetarianism sure to get people thinking (and maybe fuming):

  1. Is vegan-ism morally superior to vegetarianism?
  2. Are pescatarians healthier than vegetarians?
  3. Is entomophagy the best choice for a cruelty reduced eating system?
  4. Can a plant based diet support an exercise program?
  5. Is the human species intended for an omnivorous lifestyle?
  6. Is the consumption of eggs on par with the promotion of abortion in animals?
  7. Does the dairy industry promote the slaughter of calves?
  8. Can a vegetarian diet support cognitive functions?
  9. Is becoming vegetarian often the result of a fad?
  10. Is soy a nutritionally bereft byproduct of the soy bean oil industry?
  11. Do vegetarians and vegans assume superiority over carnivorous animals?
  12. Are pregnant women on vegetarian diets putting their children at risk?
  13. Should eggs and dairy products be considered meat?
  14. Does pet ownership contradict the spirit of vegetarianism?
  15. Should vegans consume yeast?
  16. Should vegans use lice treatments?
  17. Should all animals be eaten or none at all?
  18. Is it hypocritical for vegans to cure their yeast infections?
  19. Should the consumption of meat be criminalized?
  20. Do meat eaters live longer?

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