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Essay writing help online: safe places you should turn to


Writing an essay can be challenging, especially for those who are not that experienced with writing an essay or are writing a different kind of essay.  There are many places on the Internet for which you can look to you for help in all the different areas of writing an essay.  Some websites focus on the formatting, others on the style of writing, and a good chunk of websites focus on the different essay types.

Formatting Websites

At first glance, formatting may seem like it is not all that important.  At least until you start writing your essay and you find you have no idea if you should center your title or put it on a separate page completely.   Also, other questions may arise throughout your essay, like how to cite a book in the middle of your essay, or how to format quotes.  A few websites focus entirely on teaching students the correct way to format essays in the many different styles including APA and MLA.

 Here are a few examples:

  1. Purdue University - the Purdue OWL (online writing lab) has comprehensive APA and MLA style guides
  2. APA style - the organization that created the APA style has it's own website
  3. McDaniel College - this college's website helps with the general style of an essay (the five paragraph essay)

Writing Styles

It may not seem like it, but there are different ways to write an essay based on the style the writer is trying to portray.  For instance, choosing a conversational tone is different than choosing a tone with more class.  A few websites to look for help in dealing with the right tone are:

  1. Daily Grammar - this website boasts over 400 lessons dealing with grammar, along with exercises for each lesson
  2. Purdue University - once again, the Purdue OWL can help you with your grammar
  3. Capital Community College - this college has a website devoted to helping you out with the tone of your writing

Essay Types

In the writing world, essays can take on many shapes and forms.  Depending on which type of essay you are assigned, the angle you use can change dramatically.  The different types of essays can be found at:

  1. Roane State University - this website gives detailed explanations of many different kinds of essays as well as student examples
  2. Purdue University - if you can tell, the Purdue OWL is kind of a one-stop shop for all of your writing needs


There are many different websites out there that claim to help you with writing essays, however, not very many of them match the intellect given out by each of the websites listed above.  Not to mention, these websites are reputable, safe, and easy to use for even the least computer savvy student.


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