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Who Can Help Me Find Good Process Essays Topics?

You can make process essays on just about anything you would like. It could be something that you do every day but the trick is to make it interesting. You could even describe the process of brushing your teeth.

How to Brush your teeth

  1. Get a tooth brush
  2. Put water on it
  3. Add tooth paste to the bristles on the tooth brush
  4. Put the toothbrush in your mouth and move the bristles back and forth until your teeth are shinny.

Your essay should look something like that, but can you tell me what is wrong with the process? It is just not very interesting. It is important to pick out the right topic for you to write about so that you can write from your experiences. It is also a good idea to make your title catchy so that people would want to read it.

  1. Find a topic you are passionate about.
  2. Make an interesting title. (Sometimes it is best to create the title after you have completed the project.)
  3. Write the process, if it is a do it yourself process essay describe the steps with comments to the side.
  4. Edit so that it is easy to read. (I like to italics my comments and make the font one size smaller to separate my comments or tips from the actual process)
  5. Proof read so there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. (I like using Microsoft Word because it will tell me when there are any errors, but make sure to proof ready anyway because it will not catch all of them!)

Some of my favorite topics to write about include:

  • How to write an interesting fiction eBook that doesn’t suck.
  • How to get over your lost love.
  • How to write an interesting essay.
  • How to draw a realistic unicorn that rocks.
  • How to start a business that you can actually profit from.
  • How to start a garden when you live in an apartment. (Herb Garden, Veggie Garden etc.)
  • The many mysteries if the mind. (How the brain works.)

The limits are endless to what you could write about. You just need to make it something that you want to write about. It is much easier to write about a subject you know all too well. So ditch the search engine, what makes you tick?


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