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A List Of The Finest Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Argument essay topics can be tricky to write about when you have no clue what your topic should be. You want a topic that is interesting and offers something for both sides of the argument. You may feel strongly about something and decide to write about it. But remember to make your essay fair and original.

You need to consider a topic that will help you present your argument in a way people can relate to. You are not necessarily convincing them to see things your way, but you will need strong supporting details to show a divided line in the argument. Here are ideas that may influence you to produce your own argument topic for your argumentative essay.

  1. Students should remain abstinence through college. How does a student refrain from sexual activity before finishing college or do you think it is not possible?
  2. College should be free. It should not cost so much to attend college. Should a person have to pay for it if they do not finish or if they fail?
  3. Why should a spouse have to pay alimony? If both spouses are able to work why should one have to pay the other? A cheating spouse should be required to pay spousal support in a divorce.
  4. Everyone should get a flu shot. Should a person be punished if they do not get a flu shot?
  5. Teenagers should not be allowed to drive until they are 21. In some parts of the world teenagers under age 18 can get their driver’s license; is this too young?
  6. Parents should be allowed to spank their children without getting in trouble. Many parents claim they were spanked as a child and they claim to have turned out fine.
  7. All businesses should be required to pay taxes since some claim they don’t. There are companies that move to another country just to get out of paying taxes; is this fair?
  8. How are people getting away with not reporting income? Is it fair that a person can work for money but not report it or pay taxes on it?
  9. There is a cure for cancer they just won’t advertise it. Has money raised from cancer research being used properly?
  10. When an argument gets started with a lie.

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