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Where Can I Find Good Definition Essay Topics

Of the many essays a student will be required to write in school is the definition essay. These essays are meant to give the student the skills to thoroughly examine the definition of a word from their own perspective or in their own voice. The problem with essays however, which doesn't change here is the same; trying to find good definition topics. It's a hard start at the beginning, but there are 'triggers' everywhere that will help the student head in the right direction where they can form a great essay from. These are some way they can find good definition essay topics.

Curiosity Mining

For as long as a student has been in the education system, they must have at least a few times thought about the definition of a word. One of the great things about learning is the curiosity that's naturally active with regard to finding the meanings or the origins of words. The student will be forced to find different parts of words evolved from other origins and they begin to recognize the pattern. A few ways to get these ideas flowing is:

  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Read A Book Meant For Advanced Readers
  • Add Words To A Broadly Defined Word To Narrow Down The Definition

In their own way they can find something interesting in them. And the fact that the essay allows them to express the definitions of these words thoroughly and in their own way certainly generates more interest with the student. It's because of this that simply playing around with thoughts of these words and wanting to know the answers to their own questions about them, is a great way to find good definition essay topics.

Go To The Dictionary

The dictionary is unavoidable. Unless the student is willingly forcing themselves to not approach this source, they will have no choice but to go to it as usually it's the first place they will go to get ideas.

If the student looks at a word for instance, they might find that underneath is are single words that mean similar or the same thing as the word already defined. This creates the guideline the student needs to broaden what they're wanting to define.

There is nothing wrong with this as the information is there, however it's only for generating new ideas. The student should never copy the information directly without citation and even then, should use it as a reminder or a starting point in the right direction.

Learning With Others

As mentioned earlier, the student is always going to have some word they're curious about. In case they're not however, it's good for the student to get together with others and make a game out of words with multiple meanings or words that the student has a problem with. This will get the ideas flowing and they will know by the challenge of the word, whether it's something that will make for a good definition essay.


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