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10 Intriguing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Current Events

When writing a compare and contrast essay, also known as a comparison essay, you will choose two topics to analyse. The focus will be to find the similarities and/or the differences in these two topics and then discuss them.

Choosing what to write about can be tricky. You want to make sure that you choose two things that can be compared in some way. They should be in the same category so that the comparison makes sense. For example, you wouldn’t want to write a comparison essay about the Westside Middle School massacre and same sex marriages. These two topics really don’t make any sense being compared. You would want to choose two topics that are somewhat similar like two human rights issues or two mass killings. These ideas will give you a little better understanding of what topics you can use.

  1. Westside Middle School massacre and Columbine High School massacre
  2. Meningitis Outbreak and Ebola Outbreak
  3. ISIS and Al Qaeda
  4. Women’s suffrage and Same Sex marriages
  5. Discovery of Planet WASP-142b and Gliese 832c
  6. Pocket Shark and Goblin Shark
  7. Solar panel noise barriers and traditional ones
  8. Medical advances in technology
  9. Terrorist attacks
  10. New species discoveries

Look in the newspaper and see if there is a story in there about something that is going on now that is similar to something that happened in the past. That way you can compare them to each other to find the similarities and the differences.

There are a few key ways to set this paper up and they go like this:

  • Introduction, paragraph on similarities, paragraph on differences, and conclusion
  • Introduction, first similarity, second similarity, third similarity, and conclusion
  • Introduction, first similarity, first difference, second similarity, second difference, and conclusion

It won’t matter which way you choose as long as it is very clear throughout the piece which of the two you are talking about and you start the paper off with an introduction that includes information on both of the topics. You can break this down into two paragraphs or keep it as one. Make sure that you use transitions to help your reader know where they are in the paper and help the paper flow overall. When you are ready to start pulling it together, create a quick outline to organize your thoughts.


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