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The Gulf War In Kuwait

While researching text about the Gulf War, I found lots of references for the war, details about the war, including the details about Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Sabre. Documents detailed the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s perception of an ‘Economic War’ and his refusal to evacuate Kuwait. The failure of the United Nations in convincing Iraq to evacuate and thus restoring peace in the region was the last straw that saw a huge army build up in the Persian Gulf. My goal in this paper is to summarize the events that saw that have been found to be the primary reason for the invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf War and the ultimate destruction of Iraq.


Saddam Hussein ordered the Iraqi armed forces to invade and occupy Kuwait with the ultimate goal of controlling large reserves of crude oil in the country. He also wished to annex Kuwait so as to cancel a large debt that was owed by Iraq to Kuwait. He justified his invasion by claiming that Kuwait was a part of Iraq. This invasion threatened to upset the fragile peace in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, with its large reserves of Oil and Natural gas, felt particularly vulnerable. The situation in the Persian Gulf prompted the United Nations to intervene and attempt an amicable solution to the crisis. Simultaneously, the United States, along with its allies, Britain and France started to move their troops to the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. This international conflict went unresolved and escalated into the Gulf War.

The Chronological Order of Events

August 2, 1990 – Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

August 3, 1990 – The United Nations Security Council called for an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait

August 6, 1990 –The United Nations Security Council imposed a worldwide trading ban on Iraq

August 8, 1990 – Iraq formally annexed Kuwait

November 29, 1990 – The United Nations Security Council set January 15, 1990 as the date for complete withdrawal from Kuwait. Failure to comply would result in the use of force against Iraq.

January 1991 – Total strength of coalition armed forces including the US, Britain and all their allies reached 700,000.

January 16, 1991 – Military offensive against Iraq begins with an air campaign.

February 24, 1991 – Ground offensive commences

February 27, 1991 – Most of Elite Republican Guard of Iraq units are destroyed.

February 28, 1991 – George Bush, the president of the USA, declares a cease-fire


This war showcased the latest weaponry and military might of the United States and her allies. It also exposed before the world the military might of Iraq, who developed their weaponry and communication network by stealth.


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