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Tips On How To Get A Descriptive Essay Example Via The Internet

We all know how overwhelming essay writing can be, especially if we have no idea what we’re even asked to do. If you’ve recently been assigned to write a descriptive essay, and you’re not quite familiar with what it is or how to write it, we’re here to help you!

  • Definition: You can first start by looking up how it’s generally defined. You’ll usually find that it’s just a regular essay in which you describe a particular subject or object. Which can still be confusing because that can be applied to other sorts of essays, however, what that means is you need to use as many descriptive adjectives as you possibly can. What distinguishes a descriptive essay is the profuse employment of adjectives to the point that the reader can imagine your depiction in their mind’s eye the way you want them to.
  • Thesaurus dictionaries: Thesaurus will be your best friend when it comes to writing this sort of essay! You can employ any dictionary of your choice to help you avoid repetition of adjectives.
  • Avoid pompous vocabulary: I have to add this right below my advice of using a thesaurus dictionary because some people completely abuse it. Do not use a thesaurus to replace every word in your sentence with some seemingly eloquent words, or the entire sentence will just end up sounding frivolous. Limit your use of dictionaries only to avoid redundancy.
  • Brain storming: When writing this particular sort of essay especially, you should never begin writing right off the bat. You should first decide what the framework will be and start throwing in some ideas and some descriptive scenes that you will then connect by using words.
  • Get creative: An essential part of a good descriptive essay is the use of metaphors. This is where you have to avoid sounding too technical because then the result will be merely dull and inarticulate. So instead of saying, “The wind was frigid” you can say something like “The bleak wind cut my skin”.
  • Essay examples: You may still be confused and unsure about what to write. The best thing you can do before you start is look up some descriptive essay examples and follow their lead.

We hope our tips have helped. If it’s one tip we forgot to mention, it would definitely be having fun with that assignment. You can always express yourself and add a dash of your personality in descriptive essays. Good luck!


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