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The Basics Of Expository Essay Writing: A Manual For Students

Writing an expository essay is just like any other paper that you might have to write. And you can find out all of the information that you need to write it on this manual.

A Manual for Students

  • What is the purpose of your paper? What do you you want to accomplish in this paper? These are two questions that you should ask yourself before you even start your paper.
  • What is the audience that you will be writing this for, this is important because you have to figure out your writing style and topic.
  • Make a list of all of the topics that you might want to cover in your paper. You can do this by making the list, free writing, or even clustering.
  • Create an outline of all of the ideas that you have come up with. This will help you figure out what information you have to gather in your research.
  • Start doing research on the subject that you want to cover in your paper. And make sure all of the sources you use are credible ones.
  • Read all of the resources that you have picked to use for your paper. And take notes as you are reading to ensure you don’t forget the highlights of the information.
  • Now that you have all of the information, now you can develop the thesis. This can be a tentative one, but you want to have something to work with.
  • Write the introduction of your paper; this part has to engage the reader.
  • The write the body of your paper, here you will express all of the main points of your paper, and you shouldn’t use more than three to five.
  • The write the conclusion, this will tell them more information on the subject or it can just go over the main points and thesis again. You can all use a call to action at the end of it.
  • Lastly, you just need to edit it and fix all of the mistakes and then add the reference page at the end.

When you are writing a paper, you want to make sure that you understand the kind format that you have to use for your paper. And you want to compose it in that format because you don’t want to lose points on something as simple as using the wrong format.


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