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Where Can I Find A Book Analysis Essay Example


A book analysis, especially if this is your first try at a an analytical essay that is on a longer piece of academic material, can be a daunting task.

But remember, just because you want to analyze a book, your essay does not have to be long. You can analyze a book no matter how short the essay from a five paragraph essay to a five page essay—it all depends on having the know-how, tools, and determination to do it.

Also, today, you can find help writing your own essay. Sometimes the only way to write an essay is to see a good example of it. There is nothing wrong with this except if you plan to steal paragraphs, sentences or strings of words from it. If so, plagiarism checkers, which every single teacher is required to use today, for every essay handed in, you will get caught.

Finding Essay Examples on Google

Okay, finding things on Google – even young people know how to do that, right? But finding good help on google takes a little more know how. Because you don’t want an essay that is structurally wrong, plagiarized, or that upon a really good teacher’s examination, would be considered very poor, do you? No!

So try these tips!

Try Refined Google Searches

Refined Google searches are all about locating the best possible help on the web. Through combining certain key words which help weed the wheat from the chaff on Google remember, there is all kinds of stuff on Google, and you want the best educational help possible


Try, “Award winning student essays on Hemingway” Award winning student essays on insert the name of your book essays on “Analyses of Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.” All of these examples are well known books that you can see how quality student essays about a book length novel look like. You can use any famous book you want or, if your book is well known enough, there might have been an essay written upon it already. You can use this for a model.

In all these essays you find, make sure they have all the qualities of a good essay—even basic essays have an introduction, a thesis statement, an introductory paragraph, a middle paragraph, and a closing paragraph Most of all make sure it has a thesis.


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