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Coming Up With Great Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Education

One of the most popular expository essays that you may be asked to write in your Education program is a compare and contrast essay. The main goal of this type of essay is exactly what it sounds like. You will write a paper that compares two different topics. You can write it about many different subjects. You would want to either consider how two things are similar or how two things are different. You can also incorporate the similarities and differences into two papers.

There are two main ways that you can set up this type of essay. You can list all of the comparisons in one body paragraph and then list all of the comparisons in another. You can also break it down and discuss each of the similarities or differences in separate paragraphs. It won’t matter which method that you use as long as it is very organized.

One of the hardest parts is getting started. You will first have to come up with two things to compare or contrast. There are a few ways that you can come up with topics to write this paper on. Here are some suggestions on coming up with great topics on Education.

  1. Look for teaching methods
  2. You can look to see the various teaching methods that are used. You can find two teaching methods and compare them to each other. Look at the old way of teaching division and the new way of teaching division. Learn which way is more effective. Discover why they changed the method. Look at the similarities and the differences.

  3. Curriculum in different states
  4. You can write your paper on how the curriculum is different from state to state. Show your audience the similarities and differences in the curriculum. Look at which one is working better. Look to see how they evaluate how well the programs are tested for effectiveness.

  5. Learning techniques for gender
  6. Look into how boys and girls learn differently. You can see if girls are better at learning certain ways. You can see if certain subjects are easier for boys. You can look at schools that are gender specific and see if they work better when there is no distraction from the opposite sex.

You need to find two topics that are comparable for this type of essay. You should be able to find both similarities and difference but you can choose to write your paper on one or the other.


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