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What Is A Profile Essay: Basic Tips To Keep In Mind

Sometimes students are assigned to write profile essays. The purpose of this academic paper is to create a portrait of a person, event, or place. The interesting feature of a profile paper is that you should conduct an interview before writing your essay. When it comes to a personal profile paper, you should interview the person about whom you’ll write your paper. If you are writing about an event, you should visit its site and interview some people there.

Students are often assigned to write personal profile essays. Usually, they find a partner among classmates and write about each other. Here are some tips on how to prepare for writing a profile paper.

  1. Plan questions for an interview.
  2. Before you interview the person, you should think about interesting questions to ask him or her. It’s important to ask not only about general things, but about something that strongly characterizes the person.

  3. Find a good place and time for an interview.
  4. To make your interview as good as possible, you should organize it properly. Ask the person what day and time is suitable for him or her. Find a place where you won’t be distracted when conducting an interview. This will help you create a proper atmosphere, and you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want without thinking about distracting factors.

  5. Conduct an interview.
  6. Start your interview with basic questions about the person and observe your subject’s appearance and behavior. The next step is to ask about their interests and accomplishments. This is the time for the questions you’ve prepared in advance. In the process of an interview you may ask spontaneous questions too, if you think that answers on them will be useful for your topic.

  7. Write down your first impressions.
  8. Right after an interview you should briefly write down your observations about the person’s behavior, qualities, habits, and so on. This might help you during the process of actual writing.

  9. Make an outline for your paper.
  10. Basing on your interview, you should make a proper outline. Think about how to grab the readers’ attention in the introduction, what details to discuss in the body paragraphs, and what summation to make in the conclusion.

Keep in mind that a profile paper is not just about description of the person. You may add some funny stories related to your subject to make your paper more interesting. You should also remember that it’s impossible to write an objective profile essay, because all the judgments you make about the person are subjective.


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